Friday, 23 December 2016


I was really busy these days, so didn't  posted many  recipes these days. But from today onwards will try to post recipes daily. Also this is my last Christmas recipe for this year. Yesterday was my younger daughter jasra's birthday. So, prepared these yummy cake pops and a beautiful birthday cake for her. She loved them a lot.

         Making cake pops are really fun and  pretty easy to make. If you have any flavored left over cake or cake crumbs then you can make them with in minutes. You can also use storebought cake and butter cream. I made them with some left over vanilla muffins and chocolate cake crumbs.

Ingredients :

Any flavored cake : 300 grams
butter cream : 100 grams or as needed
Melted Dark chocolate or white chocolate : 200 grams or as needed
Sugar sprinkles for decoration

Method :

First take cake in a bowl and break them into pieces and make it crumbly with hands

Now add butter cream and and mix with your hands.

Now take a small portion and roll into a smooth ball and freeze them for 1 hour.

Now melt chocolate in double boiler 

Now take skewers or pop sticks lightly dip them in melted chocolate and insert in chilled cake balls then immediately dip them in melted chocolate 

Now sprinkle some sugar balls and insert in thermacoal sheets or upside down colander, refrigerate for 10 minutes and serve.

Butter cream recipe :

Take 25 grams of soft butter in a bowl beat it for a while and add 100 grams of icing sugar gradually and beat it add 1 to 2 tea spoons of milk in between and beat until light and fluffy.
Take any cake

Crumble it with your hands

Take your butter cream frosting

Add to crumbled cake

Mix it well with your hands,so that you can feel the right consistency

Now roll them into smooth balls

Freeze for 1 hour

Melt chocolate in a double boiler on low flame

Take skewer

Dip in melted chocolate

Insert skewer in chilled cake balls

Dip them in melted chocolate

Insert them in thermacoal sheets, I dipped some cake pops in melted white chocolate

Sprinkle sugar balls and refrigerate for a while and serve