Monday, 8 February 2016

Homemade condensed milk

Wooowww!!!!!!! Homemade condensed milk!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you can make your own condensed milk at just tastes like store bought tins and now on wards no need to run to supermarkets to buy condensed milk we can just make this at home.....the only thing you need is patience.....,for half liter  of milk it takes 20 minutes and for one liter it takes 40 minutes of time....this is my personal experience ,always use fresh milk for this recipe....

                     In india condensed milk is popularly know as milkmaid which is a brand name.we can use condensed milk in many recipes like eggless cakes,deserts, Indian sweets etc...

Then why should we waste time!!!!!?????let's get started......we need very few ingredients to make condensed milk.....

Ingredients :

Fresh milk : 1/2 liter
Sugar : 1 cup (use measuring cups)
Pinch of baking soda (optional)

1)first take a pan pour milk heat it for 1 minute then add sugar and start stirring.

2)keep stirring continuously

3)after 10 minutes add baking soda and stir Carefull after adding baking soda it may split.

4)check with your fingers if it is sticky it's done.then switchoff the flame and let it cool completely.

5)give it a nice stir for smooth consistency.

6)when it is hot it will be thin in consistency when it becomes cool it will be thick.

7)store in airtight container and put in refrigerator.

8)homemade milkmaid/condensed milk is ready!!!!
 take your ingredients....use fresh milk not preboiled milk and we can use buffalo milk or cow milk (if you want same color as store bought tins use cow milk)
 first take pout milk in a sauce pan or vessel
 boil for 1 minute and add sugar
 keep stirring continuously
 after 10 minutes add baking soda this is completely optional
 becarefull after adding baking soda otherwise it may split
 stir continuously
 it's getting thick now

 Check with your fingers if it is sticky your condensed milk is done
 it's done now switchoff the flame
 let it cool completely and give it a nice stir for smooth in air tight container and put in refrigerator.....after refrigirating, it becomes more thick, so don't panic if it is thin while hot.... Mix nicely before use...... You can store this condensed milk upto 2 to 3 months in refrigerator,now enjoy the yummy homemade condensed milk.