Saturday, 20 February 2016


Recently I prepared this yummy, chocolaty,nutty brownies for my kids. I served this brownies as evening snacks for my kids.they loved this chocolaty brownies a lot.

                     these brownies are perfect to serve with tea or as a ice cream.whichever way you choose to have it,you are sure to fall in love with this chocolate almond brownies.

                I used almonds in this recipe, you can cashew nuts or walnuts as per your taste.

            There are so many varieties of brownies which I'm going to share in my upcoming posts.

Ingredients :

All purpose flour/maida : 3/4 cup
Cocoa powder : 1/4 cup
Powdered sugar : 1 cup
dark chocolate : 150 grams
Butter : 100 grams
Vanilla essence : 1 tspoon
baking powder : 1 tspoon
Eggs : 3
chopped almonds : 1/4 cup

Note : all ingredients should be at room temperature.

If you are using unsalted butter add 1/4 tspoon of salt.

Preheat oven in 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

Method :
1)first melt butter and dark chocolate in double boiler.keep it a sideq

2)break eggs into a mixing bowl whisk it well.

3)add powdered sugar to eggs and whisk it well.

4)add vanilla essence and mix well.

5)now take a sieve add flour,cocoa powder and baking powder sift it well and add this mixture to sugar and egg mixture.

6)mix gently,make sure there are no lumps in batter.

7)now add melted butter and chocolate mixture to batter.

8)mix well,take chopped almonds and toss in some flour and add to brownie mixture,fold gently.

9)pour this brownie mixture to greased and dusted cake tin.

10)sprinkle some chopped almonds on top.

11)bake  in 180 degrees Celsius for 20 to 25 minutes in preheated oven or till if you insert a toothpick it should comes out clean.

12)let it cool completely and demould it and cut into pieces and serve.
 melt butter and chocolate in double boiler
 whisk eggs,add sugar and whisk it
 Add vanilla essence and whisk it well,sift flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together
 add flour mixture to egg mixture and mix well,add melted butter and chocolate mixture to batter and mix it well
 Add almonds and mix gently
 pour this brownie mixture to cake mould and sprinkle some nuts on top, bake and enjoy!!!!!!!
Yummy brownies are ready to serve!!!!!