Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Homemade pineapple jam

I love making jams at home........homemade jams are not only healthy those are yummy in taste also.
                      Making jam at home is very easy and it will not take much time.this pineapple jam well goes with bread and roti . We can also store this jam upto 5 to 6 months in refrigerator.

                    In my upcoming posts I will share more jams and sauces.we need very few ingredients to make pineapple jam.....then let's get started.....

Ingredients :

Peeled and chopped pineapple : 500 grams
Sugar : 400 grams
Lemon juice : 1 table spoon
pineapple essence : 1 tspoon (optional)

Method :

1)first take your pineapple,peel the skin and chop the pineapple into pieces.

2)blend pineapple pieces into fine paste.

3)now take a pan add pineapple paste and switch on the flame.

4)now add sugar,lemon juice,pineapple essence and stir well.

5)stir continuously

6)cook till it comes to obe string consistency

7)when it is done switchoff the flame

8)let it cool completely

9)store in a airtight glass jar

10)yummy homemade pineapple jam is ready to serve!!!!
 take your ingredients
 blend pineapple pieces into fine paste

 take a pan add pineapple paste and put on heat
 Add sugar
 start stirring
 keep on stirring
 Add lemon juice
 Add pineapple essence and stir continuously
 cook till it comes to one string consistency and switchoff the flame
Let it cool completely and store in clean air tight glass jar..........enjoy the yummy and tasty homemade pineapple jam!!!!!!!