Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rose milk recipe/gond Katira sharbat recipe

Rose milk is a tasty and refreshing drink. It is popular in all over the world.you can prepare rose milk with in a minute. So cool right..... But today I'm going to share Rose milk recipe with edible gum which is known as goand in hindi. Edible Gum is a natural edible gum. It is white or brown in colour. It cools the body heat and is usually eaten in summers. I still remember my granny use to eat this badam ka goand(edible gum) by soaking in water.Edible gum is available in market in small pieces that are usually white or brown in colour. 

I hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turned it for you.

Ingredients :

Rose syrup or roohafza : 2 to 3 table spoons for each serving or as per your taste
Edible gum/badam ka goand : 1 tea spoon
Ice cubes : as needed
Boiled and chilled milk : 500 ml

Method :

First soak edible gum in water 250 ml of water for over night or 5 hours.

Now take serving glasses add rose syrup or roohafza. Then add ice cubes,2 tea spoons of soaked edible gum.

Now pour boiled and chilled milk.stir it well and serve immediately.

Pictorial :

Take edible gum in a medium size bowl

Add water and soak it for few hours

Now take serving glasses and add Rose syrup or rooh afza

Add ice cubes

Add soaked edible gum

Pour chilled milk

Give it a nice stir

Serve immediately