Friday, 20 January 2017


lauki ki kheer or bottle gourd payasam is a Indian desert which can be easily prepared at home. Tastes creamy and delicious with the chunks of bottle gourd. I don't know how others prepare this kheer,but we in our family makes lauki ki kheer in this way. So don't compare with other's recipes. I'm sure you will definitely gonna love this make tasty lauki ki kheer I suggest you to choose tender bottle gourd.

I hope you will give this a try and let it cool completely.

Ingredients :

Chopped bottle gourd : 500 grams
milk : 1 litre to 1 1/2 litres
condensed milk : 200 grams
Sugar : 350 grams
cashew nuts : 20 to 25
Cardamom powder : 1 tea spoon
ghee : 2 table spoons

Method :

Take chopped bottle gourd pieces in a vessel, add water and cook until pieces gets soft.

Now mash them coarsely and make a coarse paste.

Now heat milk in a pan and stir continuously for 10 minutes.then add coarsely mashed bottle gourd and cook for 5 minutes by stirring continuously.

Now add condensed milk and sugar cook for 3 to 5 minutes by stirring continuously.then add cardamom powder and stir it.

Now heat ghee in a pan fry cashew nuts until they changes into golden color.

Now add this to kheer and serve.

Take chopped bottle gourd

Take this into a vessel, pour water

Cook until they turns soft

Mash them coarsely

Heat milk in a pan

Stir continuously for 10 minutes

Add mashed bottle gourd

Cook for 5 to 10 minutes

Add sugar

Add condensed milk

Cook for few minutes

Fry nuts in ghee and add to kheer

Add cardamom powder

Mix it well

Lauki ki kheer is ready!!!!!

Serve hot or chilled!!!!!