Tuesday, 15 November 2016


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Hi, today I'm going to share butter naan recipe in oven. I have already shared garlic naan recipe without oven and yeast (recipe here) It was a super hit recipe in my blog. But I want to share basic and original recipe of butter naan. Butter naan is traditionally baked in charcoal tandoor or grill. But it is not possible to everyone to carry tandoors or grills at home. Though we have tandoors at home every time it's not possible to light tandoor specially to make naan right? Infact I have charcoal grill at home, I made naan only when we have barbeque party at home. But I made it possible by making butter naan in oven. They turns so soft when we broil them in oven.it well goes with any veg or non veg gravies and tandoori dishes.If you want to make this recipe without oven then checkout this recipe.

I hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turned out for you.


All purpose flour/maida : 250 grams
yeast : 2 tea spoons
Salt to taste
butter for greasing
Oil/butter: 2 table spoons
sugar : 2 tea spoons

Method :

Take yeast and sugar in a bowl add 1/2 cup of Luke warm water or milk,mix it well and set a side for 10 to 15 minutes

Now take flour and salt in a mixing bowl mix it well then add activated yeast mixture.

Knead into a soft dough by adding oil. Add some more water if required.

Now cover and let sit for 1 hour or until it rises into double in size.

Now take risen dough punch down the air and knead it for 2 minutes

Now divide dough into equal portions. Roll them into oval shape by dusting some flour.

Place them in greased baking tray

Now preheat oven in 250 degrees and broil for 3 to 5 minutes or until you notice Brown spots on top. (keep an eye while they are in oven, otherwise they May turn hard)

Now apply butter generously on naans and serve hot.
Take sugar and yeast in a bowl

Add Luke warm water and mix it well then set a side to activate the yeast

Take flour add salt

Mix it well

Add activated yeast

Add oil and knead it well

Knead into a smooth and soft dough

Cover and let it rise into double in size

Dough is risen well

Knead for couple of minutes

Take some portion of dough roll it

Arrange them in greased baking tray

Broil for few minutes

They are well cooked now

Apply butter generously

Serve hot